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If you have a strong eagerness and open mind to learn how to hunt deer, or you have an already existing passion for deer hunting, then please contact us to discuss options for your deer season. Our deer hunting options are only for those that are very serious about hunting or learning how to hunt deer this fall. We offer two types of guided trips. Fully guided trips for those who are new to deer hunting, and semi-guided hunts for those who already have an established background in deer hunting. Deer hunting is not easy, and we take a lot of care and consideration into our preparation for deer season. We expect our hunters to do the same. To ensure a quality hunting experience, we limit the number of guided deer hunts we offer each year. We tree stand and blind hunt on a private 100 acres in central Maine with a lot of deer. Known for large 9 pointers, basket rack bucks, yearling bucks, and lots of does, we have a quality of deer that appeal to both the trophy and meat hunter. We also hunt the big woods of northern Maine, when snow conditions are appropriate for tracking. 


White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus borealis

Introduction to Deer Hunting:
Do you want to learn how to hunt deer? If so, then learn from others mistakes, and have one of our guides share with you their process of preparing for deer season, and what they have learned through their experiences hunting deer. From sighting in a firearm, idenitifying deer sign and feed, to even possibly field dressing your first deer, let us show you what it means to be an ETHICAL, DEDICATED, and SUCCESSFUL deer hunter through our introduction to deer hunting package.
Guided Deer Hunts:
Stands and blinds will already be set. Given our guides strong knowledge of the deer in the areas you will be hunting, you will be able to confidently understand the deer movement to better your odds at success. We will help you determine the best spot on the farm to hunt each day based on the wind, weather, food availability, and time of the hunting season. We also offer the option to have your hunting experience filmed, and produced into a video for your own archiving. 
$700 per week / 1 hunter
$1,400 for 1 season*
$2,100 for all 3 seasons* 
*Only available for 1-2 hunters per year
3 day course (Saturday-Monday): includes a guided hunting experience, firearm and bow basics, map & compass use, tree stand/blind set up, plant identification, shot placement, better understanding blood trails, tracking, learning deer behavior, and more. 
$400 per person

We offer a network of lodging options nearby. 

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