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Eastern wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo silvestris)

Spring Season- May - June
Legal harvest methods: shotgun, bow or crossbow.  

For spring turkey hunting, we offer field hunting, or hunting the hardwoods. If you prefer one type of hunt more than the other, then that is fine. Otherwise we will go with the spot that seems the best based on the scouting we have done.
Preferably, you will join us for the afternoon before the hunt. That way we can check out the spot during the daylight together and roost birds. If possible, we will also practice shooting, and in person or over the phone, we always will discuss the game plan the night before. We will regroup at the farm in the morning and head out to hunt. If all goes well, we will have birds gobbling close by, and draw them into our decoys with some persuasive "hen talk". The rest will be up to you! Typically we see plenty of other wildlife during the hunt as well, such as porcupine, woodchuck, deer, bobcat, coyote, and lots of birds.

The price includes everything you need for a hunt (blind, decoys, calls, scouting time, field dressing), the chance to harvest two male turkeys, a full guided day, and the proper insurance. You just need to bring your up-to-date hunting licenses & turkey permit, firearm/bow, camouflage clothing and a face mask.

$250 per day/1 hunter
$350 per day/2 hunters

Fall Season- September  - November 
Legal harvest methods: Bow or Shotgun
Five (5) birds either sex per season 
Note: only allowed two birds per day, and can use a trained bird dog. 

$300 per day/ up to 2 hunters

We offer a network of lodging options nearby. Additionally, we do offer RV/tent camping on site.

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