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Waterfowl (Puddle & Diving Ducks)

North Zone: Late September- Late November

South Zone Early Season: First two weeks of October

South Zone Late Season: Early November- Late December 

Coastal Zone Early Season: First two weeks of October

Coastal Zone Late Season: Mid November- Early January

Guided Waterfowl Hunt:

Tough to tell who is more crazy about duck hunting; our guide, Connor, or his bird dog named, River. They both dedicate year round training, and scouting for waterfowl season. Central Maine holds a wide variety of resident and migratory waterfowl. Hunting the flooded timber for teal, mallards, black ducks, and wood ducks during peak fall foliage in Maine is a tough to beat way of starting your day. 


Our waterfowl hunting spots vary from lakes, rivers, bogs, marshes, and flooded timber. Part of the Hoof "N Paddle duck hunting experience is the journey to our hunting locations. We don't hunt road side puddles. We provide our clients an adventure of an experience, by only hunting scenic locations that involve a paddle to get there, lots of ducks to hunt, and little to no additional hunting pressure. 


$200 per day/ 1 hunter
$300 per day/ 2 hunters


The price includes everything you need for a hunt (blind, watercraft, decoys, calls, scouting time, field dressing birds), the chance to harvest 6 ducks, a full guided day, and the proper insurance. You just need to bring your 2020 hunting licenses, state & federal duck stamp, shotgun with a plug, non-toxic ammo, camouflage clothing and a face mask.


  • 3-Day Maine Small Game License & State Migratory Waterfowl Stamp – $56 (​available at Maine Inland Fisheries & Widllife)

  • Federal Migratory Waterfowl Stamp – $25.00 (available at any U.S. Post Office)

We offer a network of lodging options nearby. Additionally, we do offer RV/tent camping on site.

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